The VENTA SNEEZEGUARD was specially developed for use on a 80 x 80 cm buffet table (STAGE_80_XS) and is currently not available in any other size. Two metal brackets are placed on the table frame and connected with a traverse. On top of the SNEEEZEGUARD two transparent glass plates are inserted. In addition to its function as spit protection, the SNEEZEGUARD can also be used as a buffet extension in height and is perfect for decorative purposes. The metal frame is available in all VENTA colors, while the glass tops are only available in the “transparent” version.

The SNEEZEGUARD is available in two versions:


SNEEZEGUARD_STAGE_80_XS_LED (can be ordered with battery or power cable)

Venta Look Book


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Venta Look Book

Look Book

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Material + Color

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