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Modular Cooking System

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Live Cooking Meets the Most Varied F & B Concepts

The latest addition to our buffet tables now concerns live cooking / front cooking, the experience of cooking and serving in front of the guests, so that every event becomes a highlight. The top priority in the development was that VENTA customers can use their already purchased tables for the live cooking stations. Furthermore, the flexibility and mobility of the familiar systems was to be increased. True to the motto “Everybody can be bigger” we chose the smallest of the 4 buffet tables from our Stage Buffet System as the output of the latest development. The smallest square buffet table Stage 80 XS with the dimensions 80 x 80 cm, which is available twice in a Stage 80 Buffet Set, was thus the basis for the new VENTA Elements, our modular system for modern and contemporary live cooking / front cooking, which meets all the requirements of the most varied F & B concepts in countries all over the world.

Instead of the glass or compact tabletop, a square Elements table frame made of stainless steel is now placed on the existing table frame. The square dimension has the advantage that the table frame can be used both lengthwise and crosswise, so that all available thermal equipment and inserts can be inserted into the Elements table frame not only lengthwise but also crosswise and can be used in different ways in daily use. In order to be able to use our Elements live cooking system / front cooking system indoors, a mobile extraction unit had to be developed and designed especially for table size XS, which fully meets today’s requirements for odourless cooking in closed rooms. With its external dimensions of 80 x 30 cm, our Airmobil can be placed precisely (tailor-made) to the right, left or in front of a Stage 80 XS Elements live cooking table and can thus be adapted to the daily changing requirements in the areas of construction and concept of a flexible and modular live cooking station.

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