DECEMBER 13, 2021

As foodservice sites are increasingly welcoming diners back following the pandemic, the fight to attract custom is ever fiercer. Therefore front of house installations such as counters and serveries are even more important to creating appeal and displaying food to its fullest.

So how are this equipment’s manufacturers helping to deliver that ‘must eat’ impulse, and what do dealers need to know when specifying these appliances?

One supplier in this sphere is German brand Venta, which created its modular buffet system with design and flexibility in mind, both for operators and guests. The heating system for hot holding, generated by induction technology, is hidden under the tabletop, meaning that guests are presented with a neat-looking buffet display. The heat can also be provided from above if a heatbridge is added, which can also include lighting to enhance the food display and give the overall buffet counter a smart appearance …