Catering Insight December 2019

Focusing particularly on aesthetics, Signature FSE’s VENTA modular buffet system brand has developed new LED panels for
lighting its front and side blinds with translucent fabric. The panels can produce both white and coloured light and are operated by remote control. The panels are all individually powered by a 230V power cable.

Signature FSE MD Paula Sherlock commented: “This new product is a great way to personalise the buffet presentation while
adding a stylish touch during an event.” She further detailed: “One of the key features of the VENTA buffet system is that its food holding tables use field induction instead of point induction unlike other brands, meaning that each induction zone can accept multiple dishes, therefore optimising the buffet display.”

The ‘Dynamic Power Control’ detects the quality of the inductive layer within the display dish and adjusts its power accordingly which should also mean that there’s no need for a trivet or sensor on the buffet surface, simplifying the logistics of a buffet service. Dishes are said to be easily replenished during service, which should make it easier operationally and the use of different sizes and capacities of dishes should make for a visually appealing buffet set up.